Goodbye Bellingham!

Ok, so first post…here we go! I have not yet arrived at my first destination (Iceland) but already I have so much to say! For those who know me, this is not a surprise; for those who don’t, prepare yourselves. Interestingly enough, my foray in to international travel began before I boarded my first plane in Vancouver, Canada. Due to the fortunate turn in economic events, my flight was both cheaper and more convenient when flying out of the Vancouver airport, as opposed to Seattle. While there was a time when the border wait times may have caused this route to be slightly more chaotic, that time has since passed as many Canadians are finding it cheaper to do their grocery shopping in their homeland. Therefore, the border was a breeze and even left enough to time to grab a quick bite of poutine (Canada’s best culinary contribution, in my opinion) before heading off to YVR.

Although not the most authentic, Costco's rendition of poutine hit the spot!
Although not the most authentic, Costco’s rendition of poutine hit the spot!

Eventually, however, the fun of Costco poutine had to cease as my flight to Edmonton was fast approaching. To be honest the thought of leaving my mom and all I have known behind, even if for only a few months, has been haunting me more and more the closer we got to the big day. Now that it has arrived, my mind was in full panic mode and I could feel the impending tears welling behind my eyes. So we took one last selfie to commemorate the experience, and totally embarrass ourselves in a foreign bathroom, and it was off to security! image With tear-stained cheeks I found my gate and awaited boarding. I was pleasantly surprised to find out that I was randomly selected to sit in West Jet’s Plus seating which came with the added bonus of getting whatever you wanted for free! An amazing perk to say the least! Even though I had a backpack full of snacks, I did not hesitate to take them up on their generous offer. While ordering my Pringles AND Smarties, the stewardess engaged me in polite conversation about my travels and as I mentioned I was heading to Iceland, she came alive with excitement. Apparently she too had an interest in this hotspot vacay destination and planned on visiting in the near future. After enjoying my snacks, the plane was beginning its descent into Edmonton. As I started to “stow all my carry on items beneath the seat in front of me”, my Iceland-enthusiast friend returned to give me an airplane sickness bag filled with snacks for my connecting flight! I was absolutely touched at this act of kindness and so thrilled that it was full of Smarties, rather than the alternative!

If only they were all filled with candy!
If only they were all filled with candy!

I have a good feeling that this delicious omen will continue to propel my European adventure in a fantastical and serendipitous fashion. It takes courage to strike out on your own. I suppose we will soon find out if I have any! Until Reykjavik!


2 thoughts on “Goodbye Bellingham!

  1. Yeah! Glad you got off to a fantastic start Teo! I signed Ilse up for a Spanish class and told her you two can talk together. Have a relaxing steam-hot tub-bath thing in Iceland. I do question your choice of Smarties. Really? XO


  2. Safe travels my Taylor DD Brown. You are so lucky to be able to go out and explore. I know you will meet and befriend all kinds of people. You are so out going just like your mom. Enjoy every bit of your travels! I can’t wait to read more of your adventure. ❤️


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