Blue Lagoon: Not Just a Bad 80s Movie


A look at all that Blue Lagoon has to offer!
A look at all that Blue Lagoon has to offer!

To many, the words “blue lagoon” instantly invites visions of Brooke Shields’ nearly-naked body and larger-than-life eyebrows. However, in Iceland, it means something completely different. Here, the Blue Lagoon is the number one tourist attraction. A geothermal pool, it attracts visitors from all over the world who come just to spend a few hours soaking in beautiful turquoise blue water. Although this clearly makes it a tourist trap, it is one that most people in Reykjavik and the surrounding area happily fall into for the unforgettable experience. This comes not only from the beautiful juxtapostion of cool, dark rocks and warm, blue water but also the unique adventure of floating around the lagoon with your face covered in a natural white silica mud mask as you hop from one warm grotto to the next.

A snapchat I sent on my recent visit with a unique location specific filter.

Should there be a downside to this Icelandic oasis, I would warn future travelers that due to the high sulfur content of the water, it has a bit of an unfortunate odor of rotten eggs. But do not be deterred because if you can get past the pungent sulfuric aroma (which eventually I forgot all about), the experience is one not to be missed!

When researching things to do in Reykjavik during my stay, visiting the Blue Lagoon was commonly one of the top activities on every list; and after my most recent exploit, I now understand why. First, on matters of convenience, not only can you buy your ticket to the spa online, but you can also purchase transportation to and from the resort (and it doesn’t cost you any more money than it would if you did it all on the spot) via web. Also, the tour bus company, Reykjavik Excursions, will drop you off right at the front door to your accommodations. Having done the Blue Lagoon first thing from the airport, I was beyond grateful for this extra perk because I would have had no idea how to arrive at my hostel from a central downtown location. Especially not when all the street names contain upside down numbers that apparently have an entirely different phonetic definition when used as a letter rather than a symbol. But I digress.

Another rembarkable thing about the Blue Lagoon spa is the amount of time and effort they spend on keeping the place absolutely emaculate. It was quite impressive how both clean and safe they were able to maintain their facilities with all the constant traffic coming in and out of the lagoon, locker room, bathroom, etc. with everyone being soaking wet.

But this luxurious experience is not cheap. Don’t get me wrong, it is worth it, but boy do you pay! Because my travel takes me to more than just Iceland, I did not have room in my carry on bag for a towel. In order to rent one from the facility, you pay more than the €45 entrance fee. However, in your upgrade you also get a trial kit of their best skin care products and a free drink from the swim up bar; free prosecco is the best prosecco, know what I’m sayin’.

All in all, Blue Lagoon was a very unique and memorable experience that should be enjoyed if both the time and money are readily available. Having booked my ticket when I still had a job, I lucked out on the latter. If the opportunity presents itself, take it! Because it is likely you won’t have another emprise like it.

Newly forged friendships over travel, hot springs, and a selfie stick!
Newly forged friendships over travel, hot springs, and a selfie stick!



5 thoughts on “Blue Lagoon: Not Just a Bad 80s Movie

  1. How cold was the air temperature? You’re wearing your jacket so I’m guessing it’s not like my California summer! Keep posting Teo! XO


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