My Itinerary


Should I get up to having too much fun, here’s my schedule of where I will be an when!

August 11th-August 16th: Reykjavik, Iceland

August 17th-August 21nd: London, England

August 22nd-August 25th: Edinburgh, Scotland

August 26th: Belfast, Northern Ireland

August 27th-August 30th: Dublin, Ireland

August 31st-September 3rd: Copenhagen, Denmark

September 4th-September 6th: Berlin, Germany

September 7th-September 9th: Munich, Germany

September 10th-September 11th: Salzburg, Austria

September 12th-September 15th: Vienna, Austria

September 16th-September 19th: Budapest, Hungary

September 20th-September 23rd: Prague, Czech Republic

September 24th-September 27th: Madrid, Spain *amendment

September 28th-September 29th: Lisbon, Portugal *amendment

September 29th-October 2nd: Rome, Italy

October 2nd-October 4th: Naples, Italy

October 4th-October 9th: Florence, Italy

October 9th-October 11th: Venice, Italy

October 11th-October 15th: Paris, France

October 16th-October 17th: Bruges, Belgium

October 18th-October 21st: Amsterdam, The Netherlands

October 22nd: Seattle, Washington

Let the craziness begin!


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